this blew me away this morning when I read this in honor of my Father and his dog…


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This piece of wood was pulled from the waters off of the first sound side point north of Oregon Inlet, N.C.  Us fishermen know the point as Jet’s Point.  You will not see it on a map as Jet’s Point, but for the past 16 years that I have fished the waters around the inlet, that is what everyone has called it.  There was a fisherman that died several years ago named Al Frucci.  The way that I understand it, Al Frucci was the most highly decorated fighter pilot from the Vietnam War [for the United States Marine Corps].  He retired in Nags Head, NC and all he did was fish.  He caught the Rockfish(Striped Bass) better than anyone on the beach, including all charter captains.  He was a man that everyone respected.  In November & December, we used to get a run of really huge Rockfish(up to 50 lbs.).  We would catch them on the shoals leading out of Oregon Inlet.  The fishing conditions were dangerous.  And, the rougher it got, the better the fishing was.   After a day of fishing the shoals, you were mentally exhausted from watching and dodging the waves.  Al’s boat was flipped by a wave on the shoals.  It happened in the morning.  The Coast Guard did not find him until late that afternoon.  His scull had been fractured, but the man still had a pulse.  The man was a badass.  Unfortunately, Al did not make it.  In the summer, when Al fished the Oregon Inlet(Bonner) Bridge, he always brought his dog along.  The dog was named Jet.  Most days on the way in from fishing, Al would pull up to the first point north of the bridge.  Jet would jump off the boat onto the point and take care of business.  This is how the point got to be known to all of us as Jet’s Point.  Anyway, I had Mike Preusser(the guy that does our coffee tables) on the boat the night we found this piece after a tropical storm.  When we got it back to the dock and washed it off we both agreed that it was the prettiest piece either of us had seen.  It took up the whole dock space and then it barely fit in the back of the truck.  We do not give names to too many pieces of wood, but I figured that given the shape, the massive wingspan(89 inches), and where we found it, the name was fitting.  
Approximate Weight:  160 lbs.

Approximate Dimensions:  89 inches long – 54 inches wide – 44&1/2 inches tall. 
Uses:  Great Landscaping Piece.  Driftwood Art Piece.  Large animal taxidermy. 
Driftwood Art Ideas:  Mike is dying to turn this one into a Dining Room Table or a Conference Table.  Great outdoor decorative piece.”


The above was shared from the website, OBX Driftwood, which can be directly accessed by clicking this link and scrolling down a bit until you see, “JUMBO JET“.

The people on the website are selling the piece of driftwood, which I think is cool because they are donating a portion to the Wounded Warrior Fund.  For details, you can email them at:

I am in no way connected to the website, nor will I profit finacially in any way if you purchase anything from them.

I just woke up this morning and saw a post my brother put up on facebook about this and it blew my doors off.

I am a full on Marine Corps Brat even at the age of almost 54, so anyone who speaks of my Father in this way creates joy in my heart and I will brag about it because that is exactly what Military Brats do.  He was, is and will always be my greatest and only Hero.

And yes…

he was a full on, badass.


Dad and Jet

Dad and Jet



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