Accelerate Your Ability to Thrive By Letting Stuff Go


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Originally published on The Huffington Post, July 8, 2015.  Read the article on the HuffPost here.

Just let stuff go…

What are you thinking about right now? You saw the title of the post and you clicked it, so something must be on your mind. Face it for a moment with me and let the emotions around that which is making your heart pound intensely, rise to the surface. Know this about whatever it is…you have total control.

Sometimes, we allow stuff in our lives to control how we act towards other humans and ourselves. We lash out in anger or we cry endlessly because we are saddened by something. Negativity takes control of us. Yet, negativity does not come from someplace outside of our bodies… it comes from our own minds. Thus, we create it and we are responsible for it. So, if we keep negative thinking in our own minds, we can get rid of it as well.

Tweet: “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~Henry Ellis

The date that went bad. The marriage that ended tragically with other humans hurt and angry. The long-time lover that dumped you. None of those relationships exist any longer and there is nothing you can do to change it. The longer you dwell on what was, the longer it will be before you will love life again and thrive in your own existence.

Do you want to be strong again like you used to be? Just let it go.

Belief Systems.
Even within your own belief system, whether you are part of a religion or not, you will find differences of how others think about the same thing. All religions and non-religious belief systems have struggles with issues.

I have been told by some that if I did not think and act in a certain way, I would forever exist in a hell and suffer infinitely. I was also told that I must spread this word to others in order to save them and fight in the name of a God, those who did not agree. The God I believe in does not create endless suffering or want me to fight others physically…humans do that.

If everyone in every religion would stop trying to control others because of a fear they have, then all fighting would stop. Yes, it is that simple. People thinking too hard, is what makes it complicated. Letting a fear go into the wind and releasing what seems to be in need of control, is how we get there.

Stop wasting your valuable time and just let it go.

Political dramas become the fuel for negativity each and every day. Fear again is the main component, with control of others the goal fueled by the fear. It is a disastrous circle. We get sidetracked every day by humans in power trying to manipulate something in order to create more perceived control. I’ll admit that I have fallen into the trap of current events every once in a while. I see something in cyberspace which ticks me off and boom…on a tangent of wasted time when I could have been fueling my own passions. A chance missed out on thriving.

Destroy the obsessive thought and just let it go.

In my past, I have gotten so wrapped up in stuff I have no control over, or even want control over, that negativity would consume me to the point in which I no longer knew my own Self. In my arrogance, I refused to have respect for how other humans think and why they think the way they do. What a complete waste of time.

Our non-stop thinking about negative stuff is what keeps us from thriving and living a positive life filled with Love. Why would anyone make that choice? There is your answer. One word…Choice.

I bet you are still thinking of something right now. Something so intense that it bugs the crap out of you perhaps every day. Get rid of it from your thinking. No, you will never delete certain memories from your brain because none of us humans were wired while in our mother’s womb that way. That’s OK because we need those memories both recent and ancient, as files to use as lessons. However, you can stop allowing the negative memories to control your way of being. So, choose to stop right now. Hold onto only those things which are pure love…and of course, the things which you truly need to live. Otherwise…

Scream wildly if you want, but just let it go.

Originally published on The Huffington Post, July 8, 2015.  Read the article on the HuffPost here.


The graphic below is something I created separately from the above article.  I think it is appropriate, so I am including it here in this post…

That which no longer serves


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